Survey Responses

Perceptions of GM (1)

I created my survey in Survey Monkey. With a free account, the number of questions I could ask was limited, so I didn’t collect demographic data. Once the survey was complete, I solicited survey responses through Twitter and Facebook, and used Piktochart to design the infographic.

More respondents indicated that their opinion of General Motors had not changed since the recall than any other category combined. A couple of months ago, I asked my mother-in-law who lives in the Detroit area the same question. She had a similar response, saying that all automakers have recalls, so GM’s recall wasn’t too troublesome for her.

How has your opinion of GM changed, if at all, since it began announcing a series of recalls in 2014?

My previous GM car was wrecked before I could get the recall done, but I ended up buying another GM vehicle.
It really hasn’t changed much. My last 3 vehicles have been GM cars & all have been reliable. All automakers have recalls & I’m sure many others have had deaths associated with their brand.
Didn’t hear about the recalls, don’t think opinion has changed much.
Very little.Most car manufacurers have had recalls.
I used to own a Chevy and my opinion has changed due to the recalls that I was notified of and more importantly the recalls that I was NOT notified of. I continuously had problems with my former car and did not feel comfortable at all with how they handled my recalls. I was treated like I did not know what I was talking about and they people who I dealt with were unprofessional about the problems.
At first, I had hoped that promoting a woman to the CEO position might be a way to shake things up and change the image of GM. Then when everything came to light about the recall, it seemed clear that they put a woman in the top position so that she’d have to deal with the scrutiny from past bad decision making. It’s really gross too, that the company tried to sweep things under the rug and put profit over driver safety.
Lower than before
No change at all. All cars seem to have recalls at one time or another.
I am loyal, but disappointed In the lack of concern shown for public safety by GM.
Unqualified, unprepared, deceiving
I didn’t know about the recalls.
validated poor opinion of GM management and products
As I recall, the recall was delayed and GM was less than forthcoming with the info
Am not focused on cars so didn’t have much of an opinion about GM prior. Now, I have a negative opinion based on their failure to address ignition problem for many years. A failure that resulted in multiple, avoidable deaths.
no change.
I’m not sure how much of my opinion is influenced by the horrible GM dealership or by GM. I would not buy GM around here.
I forget about it.

What other information about GM would you like to share?

I love my new GM. I guess I was meant to have GM vehicles.
To me, they’re reliable
I suppose I hold the general opinion that Japanese or European cars are higher-quality than American-made cars, but American-made cars are simpler to have repaired. I don’t know much about cars, though!
Very few problems when I owned a GM car
I think it’s sad that an American company that at one time produced quality cars and provided decent jobs for people has deteriorated so much. It would be nice to see them come back, but it seems like they are just producing cars that no one wants. The new Cadillac looks ridiculous.
The dealership has refused recall work on my grandmother’s vehicle and even said there was no recalls but there were. Horrible customer service.

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