Key Documents

Ditlow, C. (2014, March 13). Letter to NHTSA from Center for Auto Safety, March 2014. Center for Auto Safety.

Energy and Commerce Committee Majority Staff. (2014, September 16). “Staff report on the GM ignition switch recall: Review of NHTSA.” The Oversight Series: Accountability to the American People, 2(1).

The GM ignition switch recall: Investigation Update. (2014). Retrieved from [Includes links to documents related to the June 18, 2014 hearing.]

Indiana University Transportation Research Center. (2007, April 25). On-site air bag non-deployment investigation: Vehicle – 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt, Location – Wisconsin. Special Crash Investigation Team #2

Jenner & Block. (2014). Report to board of directors of General Motors Company regarding ignition switch recalls. Chicago, IL: Valukas, A.

Wisconsin State Patrol Academy. (2007, February 14). Collision analysis and reconstruction report. Young, K. A.

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