Key to the Issue

Does one of these key rings resemble your own? Which one(s) would be safe to use if driving a recalled vehicle before it is repaired?

You probably wouldn’t pick my keychain, which is the first photograph in the second row from the bottom with a “tile” attached. You wouldn’t pick my sister-in-law’s or cousin’s either, since they both have several loyalty cards and accessories hooked to their car keys. But, maybe the Audi key ring: it only has a fob and a key. Or maybe the first keyring in the last row, which has a small heart keychain, a fob, and a key.

Unless you picked “none of the above,” you’d be wrong. The safest key ring for recalled vehicles pre-repair is no key chain at all. Even the ring or the key fob could be heavy enough to dislodge the detent plunger which could turn the key, putting the car in accessory mode or off. If the car isn’t in the on mode, power steering, airbags, and other features are not available.

Consumer Alert relating to GM ignition switch appearing on NHTSA home page in conjunction with December 14, 2014 press release
Consumer Alert relating to GM ignition switch appearing on NHTSA home page in conjunction with December 14, 2014 press release

As announced in the GM Newsletter FastLane, in July 2014, the company ran full-page ads in major newspapers:

I wonder how many people heeded the message….


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